Egolf Christmas Trees, Inc.

A family tradition since 1955


We have wreaths that measure 24-26” available at all times. The wreaths can come undecorated, decorated with a velvet bow, or decorated with a bow and additional items. The availability of decorated wreaths varies.

We also carry larger wreaths available by special order. Please contact us with any special requests.

Other Greenery

We carry grave blankets and pillows, wreaths available on stands, and stone toppers available by special order. These come decorated with red or burgundy poinsettias. We can also make mailbox swags and saddles, tabletop centerpieces, and other greenery items. We can try to accommodate other special requests. Just call us ahead of time!

Trees & More

We know that having fresh, real evergreens for you holiday season makes all the difference.  At Egolf Christmas Trees, we offer more than just a choose-and-cut tree.  We also offer handmade wreaths, as well as other greenery.  Read below to find out more about what we offer!

And once you get your tree, don't forget some basic steps for caring for your tree.


SCOTCH PINE ($6.00/ft.) - A member of the pine family, Scotch pines have medium length needles. Their branches are fairly sturdy, making them good for hanging ornaments. Pine trees are dense and have more branches than firs.

WHITE PINES ($6.00/ft.) - White pines have long, soft needles. While they retain their needles well, their soft branches are not sturdy enough to hang heavy ornaments. Pine trees are dense and have more branches than firs.

FRASER AND DOUGLAS FIRS ($7.00/ft.) - Both the Fraser and Douglas are members of the fir family and have short needles. Firs have sturdy branches that are great for hanging heavier ornaments. Firs are not as dense as the pine trees.

CONCOLOR FIR ($7.00/ft.) - Concolors have medium length needles that slightly resemble pines, but they have sturdier branches like the other firs and can hold heavier ornaments.