Egolf Christmas Trees, Inc.

A family tradition since 1955

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Our Story

Egolf Christmas Trees, Inc., has been family-owned and operated since 1955. Franklin and Shirley Egolf started the farm and their daughter Joanna now runs the farm with her children. Here at Egolf’s, we love knowing that not only is the farm a tradition in our family, but it is a family tradition for many of our guests. We look forward to seeing families come back to our farm year after year, and we appreciate that you choose us to be a part of your tradition. We plant every tree by hand, and prune them when necessary. Our fields are well-kept and pleasant to walk through. We offer a variety of greenery during the Christmas season, including wreaths of all sizes, grave pillows and blankets, assorted swags and much more. All of our greenery is made by hand on our farm.


  • Indiana Christmas Tree Growers Association
  • Abby and Joanna are past Board Members on the Indiana Christmas Tree Growers Association
  • National Christmas Tree Growers Association
  • Mid-America Christmas Tree Association