Egolf Christmas Trees, Inc.

A family tradition since 1955

Caring for Your Tree

A Christmas tree, like any plant in your house, needs water. If properly watered, a Christmas tree can easily last through the Christmas season. If possible, when you set up your Christmas tree, make a fresh cut on the bottom before putting it in the stand. This becomes more important the longer you wait to put it in the stand after cutting it in the field. We recommend about a one inch cut. Regular tap water works just fine for the tree; nothing special is necessary. Using warm to hot water the first time you water the tree can help loosen some of the sap off the trunk. Sap is normal; it is the tree’s way of trying to seal up the cut to retain water.

Once you place the tree in the stand, make sure that there is always water above the bottom of the trunk of the tree. Keep space heaters or other heat sources away from the tree as these can speed up the drying-out process, much like they can dry out your own skin. If trees are properly watered, they will stay beautiful for the entire holiday season.